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Yasuhiro Imai: Cultivating a Unique Vision

Yasuhiro Imai‘s journey into the world of art began in a serene town in central Japan, cradled by the beauty of nature. Imai’s childhood was marked by his father’s passion for koi fish, an experience that profoundly influenced his artistic sensibilities. He developed a keen sense of the subtleties of visual change as he observed these creatures changing in shape and colour. The early exposure to the blends of natural beauty and the intricate selection process at koi sales laid the foundation for future endeavors in art.

Imai’s appreciation for the abstract took root in these formative years and blossomed as he grew older. His interest expanded into the realm of fashion, where he explored its multifaceted nature – shapes, colors, textures, and how these elements come together in a three-dimensional form on the human body. Imai was not only interested in Japan. He also spent five years living in Germany and traveled extensively. His classrooms were museums, streets, and different languages. He learned the universal language for aesthetic beauty.

Yasuhiro Imai: Embracing Global Inspirations

Upon returning to Japan, Tokyo’s ever-changing architectural landscape sparked a desire in Imai to pursue architecture. However, he was soon overwhelmed by the city’s relentless cycle of demolition and reconstruction. This paralyzing fear led him to make a pivotal decision – relocating to Mexico. In Mexico, Imai’s quest for authentic beauty flourished, inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Here, Imai found his true calling as an artist. He channeled his emotions and perspectives in his works.

His career as an architect was marked by notable achievements in Mexico. The University of Guanajuato recognized his talent and nurtured it by hosting an exhibition of his works. The State Institute of Culture encouraged him further through local museums. A gallery in Mexico City showcased his work until it closed after five years. This journey through various disciplines and cultural landscapes shaped Imai’s artistic identity, ultimately leading him to focus on object art, abstract painting, and natural photography. His concept revolves about revealing the hidden beauty of nature using these artistic mediums.

The Essence of Yasuhiro Imai’s Artistic Space

Yasuhiro Imai’s creative sanctuary, his studio, is a testament to his artistic philosophy. Prioritizing light and white walls, the studio is more than just a physical space for painting and sculpting; it’s a realm where visual harmony reigns supreme. This carefully curated environment reflects Imai’s deep understanding of how surroundings can influence creative output. The emphasis on light is not just a practical choice for art creation but a symbolic element that mirrors his approach to art—illuminating the hidden beauties of the world.

Photography, a key component of Imai’s artistic repertoire, sees him transform into an observer of the world around him. He maintains his visual harmony in both his studio and his daily life. He captures beauty wherever he is. Whether it’s the intricate patterns of nature or the subtle interplay of light and shadow in everyday scenes, Imai’s photography is an exploration of the world’s unseen splendors. His photographs are not just images, but a dialogue between Imai and the world that reveals the extraordinary in the everyday.

Yasuhiro Imai’s Philosophical Influences and Future Aspirations

Imai’s artistic journey is intricately linked with the works of Antoni Tàpies, a source of immense inspiration for him. Tàpies’ artistic expression, characterized by freedom and simplicity, resonates deeply with Imai. Imai has always been guided by the idea that beauty can be found in texture and form, even in the most mundane of things. Tàpies’ work serves as a constant reminder of the elegance and significance found in simplicity. This philosophy has inspired Imai to explore the connection between the material world and the intrinsic beauty of every figure.

Currently dedicated to photography, Yasuhiro Imai’s vision extends beyond the creation of art. He aspires to establish an ‘art supermarket’ and workshop, a novel concept aimed at transforming the way art is perceived and acquired. Imai envisions a space in which artworks from all over the world are as easily accessible as the items found in a supermarket. He wants to democratize art acquisition. This innovative idea is not just about selling art; it’s about creating an accessible point for people to engage with and appreciate artistic pieces from diverse global artists. Imai’s future endeavors reflect his belief in the power of art to connect people, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.

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