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I’ve always loved the Australian watercolour painter Robert Wade I’m saddened by his death. 

I first came across him through one of his books on art. I found his art instruction book. “Painting more than the eye can see”(North Light Books, 1990) was an absolute revelation for me when I found it in a shop. It’s no wonder I brought it home with my and it sits now on a shelf to the left of where I am sitting. 

I have found that the books which worked best for me are those written by practicing artists and teachers, who focus on the many different aspects to making art instead of the ‘5 simple steps’.  Making A mark (January 2009).| Making A Mark (January 2009)

He was also someone I used to follow on Twitter This is His Facebook Page.He was always reliable to post his work – even though he shared posts from previous years.

Below is the tribute from the Australian Watercolour Institute posted yesterday Faceboook Page following his recent death aged 94. Then, I’ll summarize his achievements using his artist page on the AWI site.

Vale Robert Vale – our esteemed AWI Member and watercolourist. He will be deeply missed.

In Robert’s words….

‘Watercolour captures each and every one who takes up the challenge to paint with this glorious and capricious medium. In painting the type of subjects that I do, my main concern is to create an expression of my emotion through light, form and movement. To be able to translate these feelings of excitement from my mix of imagination and reality, and then put them down on paper, takes much intense observation and interpretation. I call my process ‘Perceptive Observation,’What I define as ‘seeing with your BRAIN, feeling with your EYES, interpreting with your HEART.’ Hopefully, this mix will eventually lead to a sensation that will flow through to the viewers of my work’.

Educated at Scott’s College, Robert A. Wade was introduced by his father to watercolours at the age six. He has not received any formal art training. He spent 40 years in the advertising, graphic arts and screenprinting fields.

In 1986 he was awarded the Advance Australia Medal in recognition of his contribution to Australian Art. In 2003 he was awarded the Medal of The Order of Australia, for his work as an artist, teacher and promoter of Australian Artists. He has written three instructional books, more than 100 articles for art journals and produced five films.

Art Prizes & Awards 

His profile page indicates this Wade exhibited with most of the world’s major Watercolour Societies, winning 

  • 13 major awards in England France and the United States 
  • There are also 120 awards in Australia. 

These include 

  • The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours in London awarded the Cornelissen award in 1983. 
  • The Talens Award for Public Choice and Grand Prix International, Tregastel (France), 1994 
  • Clay Kent Medal, International Society of Marine Painters, Washington, D.C., 1984; 
  • Salmagundi club, New York: eight major awards
  • The Emanuel Krueger Award, 1988; 
  • Three Gold Medals in Watercolour at the Camberwell Rotary Exhibition 1981, 1985, and 1987 
  • The 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented by the International Watercolour Society in Istanbul.


His work is included in many public, corporate and private collections worldwide, including 

  • Brooklyn Museum, New York 
  • The Royal Watercolour Society of London; 
  • the Salmagundi Club, New York; 
  • The Bank of Tokyo 
  • The National Museum of Watercolours, Mexico City 
  • The regional Galleries in Hamilton, Mornington Peninsula, Castlemaine and Grafton (New South Wales) are all located in Victoria.


Wade was elected to the Australian Watercolour Institute as a Member in 1983, and a Life member in 2010. 

Other memberships are included:

I always thought he was an inspiration to people around the world. The last time I spoke about him, it was in relation to Tony Bennett.

Perhaps the two friends can now talk about painting in Heaven!

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