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It’s time for Photo Close-up Friday, and today we are looking at the Komodo dragon. I last photographed these giant lizards back in 2020 – reptiles so unique and impressive that they have their own island! The island and the few nearby islands are the only places in the world where they can be found naturally.

Photographing these beasts can be difficult. They are quite large and possess a strong territorial instinct. Komodo dragons are known to attack humans aggressively, unlike many lizards that will flee. They will eat all kinds of meat from other reptiles, rodents, to larger animals like water buffalo.

They are also low to the ground, and while I might be comfortable getting on my belly to photograph harbor seals, I’m not dumb enough to try that with these creatures! We created a special rig for my camera so I could get it down low, as if I were operating a vacuum cleaner – only instead of dirt, I was sucking up images!

See you next Friday for more Photo Close Up Friday!

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