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I’ve audited my statistics to see what the most popular blogs were
Posts by 2023
Below is a list of posts from previous years. This includes posts from previous year
Which became very popular once again. I have written some well referenced blogs
Posts over the last 18 Years ….

Technical Note: Google Analytics changed its way of collecting information half-way through the year, and I noticed as I was writing this blog that the top posts were heavily biased toward the second part of the year. It is worth noting that some of the “top” posts from previous year’s are still in the top 20, so the top-20 report isn’t just about the 2nd half of the calendar year. However, the bias is very odd ….

Portrait Artist of the year (PAOTY).

This popular Sky Arts art series generated approximately 50,000 viewers. 50 PERCENT of top 20 postsThis is quite an achievement. It was a special year for them ……

The PAOTY Review is the longest and most time consuming post I write each year. This tells me that the length, effort and detail might be as important as the popularity of this series. These are also the most popular posts, as far as compliments on my blog go! I’ve prompted people from other countries to watch the series while on holiday in the UK! It should not be a surprise that …..

The most popular posts was
Want to watch the Portrait Artist of the Year being filmed in 2023?
This is not surprising given the interest in Portrait Artist of the
The public will be able to watch the show again in the year following the pandemic.
For a long time, people have written to me asking about how they can watch. I’ve had people writing to me for a long time asking how they can watch.
It’s probably a combination of wanting to see how everything works.
You can practice and get on TV yourself. In the
Background of course!

This post lists the dates and changes for the heats.
2023 filming…..

Google Analytics showed that it received a lot of repeat visits per
visitor. It didn’t stop them from writing to me, but I did have a
Refer them to this blog post!

Sky Arts has added TWO new series to the tenth this year.
Special Events

  • A special episode – featuring winners from the first 9
    This page is about the Various Types of a Person
  • an attempt to set an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the
    Most people paint online in one place.

#4 Review: Portrait Artist of the Decade (8th October 2023)

This was the programme that 8 of the top nine portraitists of the year were on.
Came back to take part in a challenge of painting Dame Judi in four hours.

The follow up to the episode is also posted towards the end.
The Year of the Dog Portrait Artists of Decade Exhibition at National Portrait Gallery
Last few days

This song didn’t make the top 20, but judging from the popularity of
The Facebook post
You can also find out more about the following:
Album of my photos of the portraits hanging at the National Portrait Gallery
 might very well have been the most popular post all year if it had been
Published earlier

#5 was
Wendy Barratt was named Portrait Artist of 2023 in Series 10
. This is not surprising to me, given the popularity of this series.
Wendy’s portraits are of high quality. She would have been higher if not for
Celebrations of the Portrait Artist of the Decade.

It’s the first occasion when the winner is almost universally hailed.
Commenters on my Facebook page ranged from her heat all the way through to the
Final! This is very unusual!

Wendy’s PAOTY Portrait Paintings
(left to Right: Self Portrait Submission; Heat (Nicky Spence);
Final (Dame Joan Bakewell); Semi Final (Emma Bunton);
Commission for Final (Her husband Fred

The repeat of previous series is the reason I think this is so.
Before airing the latest episodes
#6 is Morag Caister has been named Portrait Artist of the Year for 2022 (Series 9,(22nd December 2022). 

I suspect that the truth is out there
Her commission painting of Sir Lenny Henry
It is also possible to do something with the National Portrait Gallery, which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.
It is gaining in popularity.

The most popular posts of Series 10 are included.

Now, let’s look at the other 20 posts that made up Making A Mark in 2020!

More Art on Television

#8 is another television show
The Great Pottery Throwdown: Festive Special and the 2023 Series.
Just a quick introduction to this festive special, and the next series.
A series ….

I should probably do another ….

The next one is a bit odd, as it’s not a page but a page on my Making A Mark blog.
It’s a timely reminder to me that I need update that page.
Keep updating it until 2024!

#15 is My Art on Television PAGE – this lists all the past series of programmes about art – and
Making art – on TV that I’ve covered in my blog.
I have an idea for a new post in the New year!

Landscape Artist of The Year (LAOTY), just made it to the top 20Two posts, one looking forward and the other back. But no reviews on individual heats

#19 Call for Entries: Landscape artist of the year 2024 (Series 9). (13th December 2023) This is the post that calls for entries for the next year, not the review posts of the landscape series for 2023.

#20 LAOTY Winners – Where are they now? (1st May, 2023)

Five female and three male winners have been crowned in the history of Landscape Artist of The YearThis post is a brief update about them and what has happened since.

I think I understand that. I’ve known since a long time that my autumn and winter posts always do better than those in spring and summer. The weather is the reason! When it is cold and the weather doesn’t look great, people will stay inside to watch TV and read blog posts. When the weather’s nice, people are more likely to spend time outdoors. 

LAOTY is broadcast between January and March. It is not necessary to be able to understand

Golden Oldies

This is the category where you can find blog posts from years past. Particularly if the teacher or someone who has a large following shares this post with his or her students or followers.

How should artwork dimensions be listed?
Providing information about an art work (i.e. Drawings / paintings /

The answer was given, but it also listed some references.
Articles on this important issue which a lot of artist (and art)
societies!) Get it wrong 

#11 is Favorite quotes about sketching and drawing (5th December 2013) – This one is almost always up there somewhere
It was written in 2005, but it is still relevant today!

This includes quotations in Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish, as well as UK and
American artists.

This first article will cover how to hang an image frame using D
Rings – two different approaches to different sizes and weight
You can learn how to use D

D rings are used to hang a small artwork

Note how a professional framer has only used one strand of
Picture cord

The ends were then whipped and knotted.

#18 is
Artists and Repetitive Strain Injuries

26 April 2016 – a topic dear to my heart – and right hand – as I suffer from RSI.
You must be very careful to not repeat it.

Many artists suffer from repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Many artists suffer from repetitive strain injury (RSI).
Many artists have a limited understanding of:

  • How to avoid RSI
  • How to treat RSI

Health and safety concerns for artists are often purely a matter of concern for the artist.
Art materials can pose hazards. In my opinion, I believe that there are too many dangers associated with art materials.
The dangers of certain working practices are not adequately addressed.
Your anatomy

This post explains what RSI and why artists get it. It also explains how to make it.
It worse and how to make your life more bearable if you have it –
You will recover.

My new wrist brace (in 2016) — the last one had been very well used.
Overall, I need less of this now because I’m better at protecting myself.


Critical Reviews

#10 is a list of 10 things.
There are so many things wrong with Oprah Winfrey’s Portrait in the.
.(20th Dec 2023). I’m assuming the large audience for
This post is highly topical A LOT of comments were generated
My Facebook Posts
. Mostly to the effect that some Americans thought reviews
Portraits in the American Press were a little over-egged, and perhaps a bit reverent towards the subject.
Status and power in media 

I wouldn’t be surprised. Independent reviewers are the ones who do it.
What are you waiting for?

This review will help you to understand the differences between
The Smithsonian has a new portrait of Oprah.
It is divided into two parts:

  • A list of all the things that I find wrong
  • The commission, the sitter, and the artist
    – because someone did put in a lot of work
    Even if I don’t really like it.


The Oddities

Some posts go viral for no apparent reason.

#13 was
25th September 2011, Who has made a name this week?
25th September 2011,Here is one example.

This kept coming up and I have extreme difficulty working out
why. If you’re referring to the Faber Castell image that I used in the post, it is not the Faber Castell.
Jubilee Box of Coloured Pencils and associated equipment worth over £1k – see below.

It’s always interesting to read what I wrote about
In one of my “Who made a mark in this week” posts dating back more than 12 Years

Faber Castell Jubilee Box

What should pencil artists be thinking about?
The UKCPS Annual ExhibitionI thought it would be fun to show you a box of goodies that is at the top of the line.
The show will be on display. Even if I said the price after the special
exhibition discount is over £1k you’ll know just how much is in this big
Wooden Jubilee Case

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