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Making A Mark is now 18 years old and an adult! 😉

I should have done it on Friday when this blog celebrated its 18th birthday, but I’ve been doing a major “clear out and chuck” event which will continue into this week.No tubes running for a week and it’s still freezing” 

What happened in 2023

Making A mark continues to be popular around the world, but not just in English-speaking countries.

This map shows the origins of visitors in the past year.

This blog had been created in 2023. 

  • c.250k VisitorsIt was averaging just under 3 posts a week.
  • Blogger reports 1,159,103 pageviews in the last 12 months.Just under 100k pageviews per month.

Semi-retired? Not bad at all – if you’re not blogging every day!

Making A Mark At 18

What will happen in 2024?

The main event for me in 2024 will be my 70th Birthday.

I began to slow down my daily posting when I was 65. As I age and my osteoarthritis worsens, the need to spend time has increased. 

  • It keeps me active – hence, a long walk every day. That’s the only time I can feel like I used too when I was young. Despite this, I am unable to move much in the evenings after sitting for too long …..
  • Being able do things while still alive  
  • Being able to do something with my partner – in good health and mind

So, I won’t look to increase what feels like a decreased rate of posting from someone who blogged every day for years.

What I will be doing, is attempting to introduce people to a larger part of my archive of 4,469 art posts since January 2006

  • It was great to see so many posts over a long period of time, especially since they were all on the same theme. For example, in 2007, I began my Van Gogh Project. Introduction to the Van Gogh Project
  • Highlighting some blog posts from previous years. As an example, 

I will also continue to post about things that interest me, such as art society exhibitions/open competitions and popular television art programmes.

But I am gradually slowing down so that I can have more time for myself …..

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