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Daniel RichA career has been made of revealing the richness of existence through displays of absence. There is a certain beauty in what we create. The buildings we live in and the things that we make to move the world around us are all marvelous. Rich has painted grand and familiar buildings for years, stripped of their inhabitants and almost as logos to what we know about the structures in our life. We can see empty stadiums, midtown Manhattan’s skyscrapers and post-Soviet Brutalist Monuments. They are all there, without any human beings. We made this. We make this. 

Rich’s subject has changed. The grand facades are gone and replaced by the entryways, paths, staircases, shelves, the infrastructure for going somewhere, or perhaps just going nowhere. For ParallelsRich’s New Show at Miles McEnery GalleryThe minimal works in NYC evoke a deeper understanding about office culture. They show us how to move from place-to-place, where to store information, and how we can wait out the workday. There are elevators, stairs, books, shelves and waiting areas at takeaway restaurant, all Bauhausian. Rich notes these feelings of “apprehensive, invited, voyeuristic… Interiors have the potential to evoke meaning for the viewer as well as for the artist.” These works are based on Rich’s photography and research. They feel like places that you have visited, but may have forgotten, or overlooked. 

I don’t think Rich created Parallels To evoke the feeling of old ways we used work, we used kill time, and we used count the clocks before we got in our cars, trains, or walked home. These works make me feel an emotional rollercoaster as I think about why these places were built, where we are going from here, and what we have left behind. It feels like we are in a parallel universe. —Evan Pricco

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Original content by, “Juxtapoz – Daniel Rich’s Rich absence in an exploration of “Parallels”.

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