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Hee Sook kim: A personal touch in art

Delving into specific artworks reveals the depth and personal significance of Kim’s creations. “Sibjangsangdo,”A Korean landscape painting of longevity holds a special spot in her heart. It symbolizes her connection to her Korean heritage. Similarly, “Everlasting Playground,”An installation at the Philadelphia International Airport is imbued a sense of cultural and personal identity. This piece, adorned with rhinestones and inspired by Korean folk painting styles, is more than just an artwork; it’s a visual representation of Kim’s journey and experiences. It provides a moment of reflection and tranquility for travelers. It embodies themes of nature, serenity and the rejuvenation that spring brings. This installation is a prime example of how Kim’s work bridges the gap between traditional cultural motifs and contemporary artistic expression.

Another significant exhibition in Kim’s career was “Surfacing”Ricardo Reyes is the curator of this exhibition at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. This exhibition explored her experiences as a woman of Asian descent, navigating the complexities and challenges of identity. The exhibition was rich in symbolism, narrative and her mastery of blending traditional Korean aesthetics and modern artistic techniques. It stood as a profound insight into her life’s journey and her relentless pursuit of artistic expression. Each piece of Hee sook Kim’s art, and her entire body of work, is an expression of herself, a fragment from her story told using the universal language of arts.

Kim’s versatility and adaptability is evident in her choice of media. She began by using oil colors and wax mediums but switched to acrylics when she became pregnant due to the strong smell of turpentine. This transition was more than a simple decision. It was a gateway to new possibilities. She was able to explore and experiment with water-based methods. The versatility and flexibility of acrylics allowed her to explore new artistic expressions, demonstrating that she can adapt and master new media. Her commitment to her craft is evident in her dedication to mastering new mediums.

Hee Sookkim dreams of new artistic projects and explorations in the future. She is currently focusing on the Sainte Victoire Mountains, which Cezanne famously painted. This project is more than just an artistic endeavor; it’s a full-circle moment, connecting her present work to the inspirations of her youth. As she begins this series, a palpable excitement and anticipation is felt for what the new creations will reveal regarding her ongoing artistic development. Hee Sook continues to push boundaries in her art with every project and series. She is always exploring new ways to express herself.

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