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This editorial is a KALTBLUT exclusive, inspired by the brave concept that has guided the imagination of many of the most iconic designers. It is a rebellion in the form of a strong woman who has incorporated elements from punk, gothic, and religious cultures. This fusion of styles reveals an indomitable woman who defies all conventions. Dalila slimani is the photographer. Francesca Anastasija Telia was the model. Hejun Shi did the make up. Giulia VIANI used Maria Chiara Tempera using Daniela Zhang, Giuliana. Fraccalvieri. Bogdan Salau. Gabriele Celoria. Archivio Contessa Miseria. Archivio Lacouture. Archivio PWC.

Dalila Slimani Photography / Instagram:Fitwithda
The model Francesca Anastasija Telia is signed at Tank Agency/
Instagram: @francescanastasija /
Makeup by Hejun Shi, Instagram: @Chicherdrink
Styling: Giulia / Instagram @giuliaviani

Designers involved: Maria Chiara Tempera, Daniela Zhang, Giuliana Fraccalvieri, Bogdan Salau, Gabriele Celoria, Archivio Contessa Miseria, Archivio Lacouture, Archivio PWC

@shesja_ @danielazhng @giuliana_fraccalvieri @bogdansalau @gabrieleceloria @contessamiseriaarchivio @archivio.lacouture @pwcmilano

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Original content by – “A daring rebellion – KALTBLUT Magazine”

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