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Why sell in Laos Art Gallery? | Laos Art Gallery

Why sell in Laos Art Gallery?

Laos Art Gallery makes it easy to sell your work to art lovers, collectors and galleries around the world. Selling on Laos Art Gallery is risk free and doesn’t limit you in any way to sell somewhere else.

Let’s highlight some of the reasons to work with us:

  • 75% of profits goes to the artist.
  • Worldwide promotion of your works by a marketing expert, paid by Laos Art Gallery.
  • We take care of everything for you, including: advertising, sales and shipping.


If you work with Laos Art Gallery you can concentrate on creating art. We manage the website, do the advertising, handle sales, collect payments and organize shipping to customers.

Risk free

Laos Art Gallery works with a short, easy to understand contract, available in English and Lao languages. This way artist and gallery understand completely what they can expect from eachother. For transport we use world renowed shipping company FedEx. All the shipments are covered by our insurance company during transport.


Laos Art Gallery’s goal is to help Lao artists sell their art worldwide. We understand life as an artist can be difficult in Laos, so we don’t limit you in selling anywhere else. That’s why our contract is non-exclusive and allows you to sell your work anywhere you like.

All we ask is for you to keep your artwork up to date and inform us if it is sold or becomes unavailable. We also ask that, if you decide to sell an artwork on both and other websites, you make the price of that particular work on the other websites the same as or higher than the price on We ask this because we can only keep spending money on promoting your work, if we have a fair chance of selling it. 


We believe strongly in the principles of fair trade and therefore pay the artist more than other galleries. Our artists receive 75% of profits.*

*profits = sale price minus payment fees and shipping costs.

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