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About Us | Laos Art Gallery

About Laos Art Gallery

Laos Art Gallery was founded in 2012 by Dutch art enthousiast and internet entrepeneur Jipsa de Groot. When traveling in Laos he discovered many great artists that unfortunately lacked the means or knowhow to introduce their art to an audience outside of the country. Having worked in the online industry for over 6 years, he decided to use his skills and experience to do something about that and start an online gallery for Lao art.

Laos Art Gallery has the following goals:

  • Give art lovers and collectors around the world access to great Lao artworks.
  • Help Lao artists make a better living and contribute to the further development of the Lao art scene.

Fair trade

We are firm believers in the principles of fair trade and therefore receive a modest commission of 25% whenever an artwork is being sold. Commercial galleries will usually charge between 40 and 50%.

High standard of service

For our clients we aim to deliver a high standard of service, with such benefits as free worldwide shipping and a 14-days moneyback guarantee. We take care of the whole process from order to delivery, so that we can provide a uniform experience to all clients, irrespective of the artist they order an artwork from.

We hope you enjoy our selection of Lao fine art. If you have any questions check out our frequently asked questions section or feel free to contact us directly.